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About RP Emery and Associates

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m seriously researching a topic on the web and come across a website that’s useful, I always want to know more about them.  Who are they?  What’s their background?  Should I trust what they’re telling me? To help you make that decision, here’s a little bit of background information about us. This website is run by RP Emery & Associates, an internet based legal publishing service established in 1990. We provide professionally drafted contract templates and kits to the general public

We consider it our job to demystify the law and legal contracts.

We firmly believe that there are many times in life where you can enjoy the protection of a well written legal contract without spending a fortune in legal fees. Because of this, our aim is to make it easy for you to solve common legal issues that crop up in life. We provide Legal Contract Kits for business issues such as leasing and employment as well as specialising in financial agreements. We have been at the forefront of a movement to make legal services more affordable for average Australians by providing tools and back up support that empowers people to take control of their own legal matters. Knowledge is power and even more so when it comes to legal matters. Feel free to call us on 0266725904 if you have questions.

Meet the Directors

Ian MacLeod

Ian MacLeodIan liases with the legal associates and takes care of our customers – essentially he acts as a conduit between the non-legal and legal world.

Over the last 12 years, Ian has amassed a deep knowledge of our contracts and how they relate to the relevant legislation. He understands how the contracts should be used and enjoys helping our customers find a legal solution that meets their needs and their budget.

Nadia MacLeod

nadia McLeodNadia takes care of Marketing and Communications.

As a non-lawyer herself, she understands the confusion and unease that many people experience when confronted with a legal issue. That’s why she works to make legal matters simpler and more easily understood. The bottom line is that there are many common legal transactions that you can handle yourself quite comfortably.

Meet our Associated Lawyers

Steve Heptonstall – Saxby Munns


Steve HeptonstallSteve has spent over 20 years working in both private practice as a lawyer and the corporate world in a range of roles ranging from General Counsel to Corporate Executive for a number of large multinationals.

Steve Heptonstall has a wealth of experience assisting clients with Business and Commercial Law matters, Property and Conveyancing, Asset Protection and Estate Planning. Other areas of expertise include Mediation in the area of contract disputes and family law matters such as Binding Financial Agreements.

Steve is a member of the Law Society of NSW.

Carolyn Byrne – National Seniors Lawyers

LL.B, GradDip.LegPrac, RN, BN, GradDip.FET, M.Ed

Carolyn ByrneCarolyn Byrne is a highly regarded estate planning and seniors health lawyer serving the legal needs of clients throughout Northern New South Wales and South-East Queensland. She is experienced in Family Law matters and regularly advises our clients in relation to Binding Financial Agreements.

Carolyn also holds the highly respected position of Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at Bond University.

Carolyn is a member of the Law Society of NSW.

Richard Hamilton – Nevett Ford

BA/Bsc, Juris Doctor – Law

Richard HamiltonRichard leads the family law practice group at Nevett Ford, a top tier law firm located in Melbourne. He has extensive experience in Family Law matters and has provided legal advice to couples in relation to property settlement and separation/divorce, as well as those entering defacto or married relationships.

Richard is an experienced Family law mediator and regularly appears in the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia to represent clients in respect of their family law matters on both financial and child related issues.

RP Emery rely upon Richard’s extensive knowledge and he regularly advises our clients in relation to Binding Financial Agreements.

Richard is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria.

Our Associate lawyers are not directors, employees or shareholders of RP Emery and Associates, or any other associated entity.


Based on 47 reviews
I would highly recommend this service , I had a question and someone called me back and easily answered my question. I then ordered the required legal document and received follow up calls and emails to make sure I was happy. also the document required was $149.00 which was excellent value when another site was asking $550.00 for the same document. thank you
craig webber
craig webber
I have been extremely satisfied and surprised how knowledgable, yet kind and empathetic all lawyers in RP Emery and Associates pty ltd have been! It's been pleasure to work with you all. Im grateful for the guidance, knowledge, respect and trust I have received from you all. You all have made this journey pleasant experience.
Irena Paluskova
Irena Paluskova
Rp Emery I cannot speak highly enough of this company. Saves people literally thousands of $$ Not only with the templates and forms but guidance as well. Have used for a Binding Financial Agreement , they do wills and a multitude of forms. We pay thousands of dollars usually to lawyers etc because of fear of doing something incorrect. Lawyers often just fill in some details on forms themselves. RP Emery ensures you use the documents correctly. You can also get your forms checked by a lawyer as well. Thankyou RP Emery for giving us average Joe's the confidence to DIY . And save thousands of $ often 10/10 for the excellent service provided. Ian was particularly helpful.
Julie Gilbert
Julie Gilbert
I’m not good with computers but I completed it, however I found a little difficult it was not clear enough to me on why I couldn’t place figures in certain boxes,however as you progress and fill more figures these boxes automatically update, to my mind the only part of the lease that was not clear was if outgoings were added then GST but it’s not a deal breaker, I had purchased thinking it could be a lease of 5 years plus a couple of 5 year options, this is only possible if it’s registered but I filled it out this way until I got to the last page where this is crystal clear that the maximum with options without registration is 3 years.
Allan McKechnie
Allan McKechnie
Very happy with the services provided. Highly reconmended. Thanks Andy
Andy Prodromidis
Andy Prodromidis
The service is great, Ian and team were so helpful and responsive and would highly recommend RP Emery and Associates for your contract needs!
Tory Torr
Tory Torr
An excellent template, usable right out of the box will little modification. We added the required details. Checked the recommenations from the user guide and away we went.
Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher
Overall a good service with clear communication and clarity around setting expectations and outcomes. Does what it says on the tin 👍
Peter Clark
Peter Clark
Ian from RP Emery - thank you thank you thank you. My ex-husband and I are very amicable and we wanted to have a Binding Financial Agreement done to have our finances separated. We had been to different solicitors who had taken us for a ride and we hit roadblock after roadblock costing us thousands. I found RP EMERY AND ASSOCIATES by chance but upon reading the reviews I decided to do a big more digging and I put in an online enquiry for a call back. Ian called me within the hour and he just listened to what we wanted. We purchased the separation kit which was so easy to understand and fill out and the low cost absolutely blew my mind. Thousands saved from what would have been spent if we hadn't found Ian. The process was stress free and even with strict time restraints in place, Ian went above and beyond to help us. We weren't just a number in his books. An initial thought of 'this is too good to be true' plagued my mind throughout the process, but now that we're at the end of the tunnel - I am grateful beyond words. Thank you Ian and thank you to your team of lawyers who were so prompt and so professional. You are a godsend. I 100% recommend!!!
Rita Mikha
Rita Mikha