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Two Party Document Review Service for Financial Agreement and Child Support Agreement


Financial Agreement Review Service for two parties – pre June 2021 pricing.



Our document review service is provided only to customers who have purchased a Binding Financial Agreement kit. It is a referral service to a family law lawyer who will provide legal advice in relation to a binding financial agreement and Child Support Agreement between yourself and your partner.

Because the Family Law Act requires both parties to the agreement to receive independent legal advice you are purchasing the advice per party.

This service will be provided over the phone and via email although you are welcome to attend the lawyers office if convenient for you to do so.
Upon payment we will provide your contact details to the lawyer assigned along with a copy of your draft agreement.
At the same time the lawyers contact details will be provided to you. You are required to please make contact with the lawyer to set up a convenient time to discuss your agreement.
Your lawyer will explain
(i) the effect of the agreement on your rights;
(ii) the advantages and disadvantages, at the time that the advice was provided, to the party of making the agreement;
This will be reinforced by a follow up letter of advice e-mailed to yourself from the lawyer.  Your Lawyer will correspond with the Lawyer acting for the other party to ensure continuity with the final document.
When each party has received the advice, certificates of independent advice are issued and the originals posted to the parties. The parties will be instructed that they can sign the agreement in the presence of a witness (preferably a JP) and your agreement becomes binding. After the agreement is signed, the original agreement is given to one of the spouse parties and a copy is given to the other.