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Child Support Agreement Pack

$119.95 inc. GST

Kit includes limited and binding child support agreements plus the parenting plan.


The RP Emery and Associates Child Support Agreement kit with easy to follow instructions provides you with all the information you need to write your own Legal Child Support agreement.

This kit contains two different Child Support Agreement templates – a Limited Agreement template and a Binding Agreement template as well as instructions on which one to use. It also includes a Shared Parenting Plan Agreement.

If you use the Binding Child Support Agreement please be aware that the Family Law Act requires each party to a binding agreement to receive independent legal advice before signing the document. Furthermore the agreement must contain a certificate from each legal practitioner before the agreement has legal force. You can access our Financial Agreement Document Review Service so you can complete these obligations at a fixed rate.

No Need to Wait – this Agreement kit is available for immediate download from your dedicated members Area upon successful payment..