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Single Party Document Review Service

$1,750.00 inc. GST

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Single Party Financial Agreement Document Review Service
In relation to binding financial agreements the Family Law Act 1975 requires each party to receive separate independent legal advice before you sign the agreement. This service is for a single party only.
The Document Review Service (DRS) is, as you may be aware, a fixed price service and with this comes a fixed level of service.
The lawyers are not required to advise their clients in favour of or against signing an Agreement (particularly if the clients themselves are satisfied with it). Rather it is the lawyer’s duty to provide you with all the advice you need to ensure that your consent to the Agreement is “fully informed”. This is in line with the strict requirements of section 90G and 90UJ of the Family Law Act 1975.
Should you require legal advice above and beyond the scope of the DRS such as negotiating your arrangement with the lawyer acting for the other side or redrafting clauses to suit, an additional fee may be requested.